A downloadable game for Windows

Website: VenoGames.com
Creator: Veno
Version: 1.05 (Classic)


You've been trapped in the Grid. You don't know how, or why. All you know is you're stuck there for 140 years, unless you can escape. There must be a way...

 About The Project 

I've been working on Omni for a month, to enter the Driftwood Gaming 2020 Game Jam, under the limitations to only use base RTP assets from RPG maker. v1.05 of the game, will be dubbed "Omni Classic", which I am submitting to this game jam. Omni Classic has 7 total areas to run through before you hit the progress wall.

The foundation goal of this game was to show everyone what the RPG Maker MV engine is capable of, without ANY custom art or music files within the project, and the only freedom being what features plugins can add.  If you have MV, you can download and edit the project to learn from it and see how things were accomplished. (see the "ProjectPermissions.txt" file for usage rights.)

This project is considered in Beta, and is not 100% bug-free, but has many failsafes in place to help keep it as close to bug-free as possible.  

 Future Development 

Omni's development will continue with regular updates, but you can stay in touch with the progress and play live without downloading right on my website; VenoGames.com .  As the game is given updates, the RTP assets (both GFX and SFX) will be quickly replaced with custom ones.

Omni will serve as my 3rd and final MV project. My other two projects Alicon and Stoneworks can also be found there as well. Stoneworks is currently my priority game, but I will work on new Omni areas on the side. The plan is to release one stoneworks update, and one omni update, alternating. 

More areas/floors and features are planned through April 2020.

Personal Note

Building games is a hobby for me. I'm that strange creature that enjoys designing and building more than adventuring. The fun you have playing a game, is the fun I have designing it, and I am so thankful you've stopped by to consider playing mine!

All of my games are 100% free. You can play any of them via my website. My other projects will hit itch in the future. Interested in testing early projects, or seeing what work is being done on any project? Head to my website and join the discord, where I regularly leak my development plans!

Your favorite clown game developer,



Omni v1.05 Zip 91 MB
Mirror - Omni v1.05

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